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Blog - Know more about Centre of Excellence (coe-alliance.com)

Centre of Excellence is a leading business centre in Hong Kong. We specialize in providing high quality


serviced office,
virtual office,
meeting rooms,
training venue.


In addition, we provide different solutions catering to independent professionals (Me Inc, CEOs) who wants a total back-office support, business travelers who visit Hong Kong and want full office support, sales professionals who need a supportive environment to create sales.


Founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs, we experienced the pain of being a startup and being a frequent traveler to a new city. We understand what it takes to empower independent professionals, business executives and sales professionals to focus on your business and take away the distraction of seeking office supports.


We operate on ONE unique principle: your business situation is unique, and we listen and understand first, then we seek a solution tailor made to you. So we have a wide range of solutions, some involve space, some involve other professionals, so that you are not alone. You are surrounded by a community of like-minded independent professionals, business travelers and sales professionals.


Hong Kong is one of the best place to conduct business and yet it is also one of the most expensive place to conduct business.


With today’s Internet and various communication tools, you can leverage Hong Kong’s advantages without a minimal presence in Hong Kong. Our Virtual Office solutions give you a range of services ranging from just a corporate address to mailing to telephone services.


Talk to our Virtual Office consultant to find out how Center of Excellence can assist you to profit.


Serviced Office


Center of Excellence provides fully furnished and staffed serviced offices in Hong Kong.


  • Your business needs may change from time to time, yet you will find our
  • Lounges Membership - to suit sales professionals and business travelers who occasionally need quiet meeting places at different locations;
  • Co-working Space - to suit entrepreneurs where home office is no longer supportive of their business needs;
  • Private Rooms - to suit companies under 5 people wanting full office support;


Your business will grow over time and we will support you to move up.


Understanding your business needs go beyond just space, our Business Concierge will connect you with supportive business service providers. And of course, we will setup and maintain your internet connections, pantry supplies, stationary and all those little things that are so essential for doing business. So just move in, and you will be ready to focus on your business.


3 more reasons why Center of Excellence is your first choice:


Great location: Mongkok is one of the busiest business district in Hong Kong (In Cantonese, Mongkok literally means the busy corner) and our centers are at the center of Mongkok, adjacent to the landmark build Langham Place and all the major banks where they service business clients


Easy access: our center allows you to reach Hong Kong with ease. If you need to travel locally via MTR, our center is located only 1-2 minute walking distance from Mongkok MTR station. If you need to go to Mainland China, East Mongkok Station is only 10 minutes of walk away. If you need to go to the airport by taxi or car, our center is only 2-3 minutes away from East Kowloon Corridor (highway).


Therefore, our Mongkok business centre is the best place for reaching anyway in Hong Kong and getting beyond Hong Kong.


Integrating business and leisure: work hard, play hard. Within 5 minutes of walking (and they are available throughout the night), you can get access to all sorts of entertainment in Hong Kong, from restaurants to shopping to night life.


Meeting Room


If you find coffee shop is too noisy to meet your clients, our meeting room is a great choice for you.


You will find a quiet environment to help you conduct your meeting, and when you need to print, call, fax or ... done!


We have small meeting room for 2 people, a meeting lounge for 10 people. Each meeting can be a critical moment for your business. Make sure it is in Center of Excellence.


Talk to our consultants to find out how Center of Excellence can assist you to profit.


Business Registration


Center of Excellence can help you register a company at a very competitive price.


And we do not leave you there after you register the company. We follow up with services such as annual return, audit, etc.

Contact us to get more information.


Presentation Rooms


When you have a product to launch, a presentation to give, or a seminar to deliver, where do you go?


The Centre of Excellence located at kowloon bay. Walking from the MTR Kowloon Bay Station, it only takes 7-10 minutes. Paid parking is also available.


The Lecture Hall is ideal for seminars up to 260 people, workshops, corporate and party functions. The Function Room is ideal for seminars up to 115 people.


Designed by veteran speakers who regularly rent training venues, the Centre of Excellence provides speakers and trainers with an ideal solution for


★ Seminars with large number of participants


  • A private female washroom with 13 toilets, a male washroom in the public area with 7 toilets, and 2 washroom with access for disabled
  • A reception area large enough for social functions during the break
  • A meeting room for group discussion or business discussion
  • A private washroom and a Speaker Suite for the speaker to rest
  • 6 units of Air Con for the Lecture Room and 2 units of Air Con for the Function Room
  • A ventilation system to provide extra cooled fresh air


✦ Workshops involving games and interactive activities

  • Flexible seat and table setting
  • Storage areas for bags and cloths


★ Requirement for excellent audio and video quality

  • Powerful projectors and speakers designed by professional A/V consultants


If you find other Presentation Room not satisfying your needs, visit our Presentation Rooms and talk to our consultants to find out how Center of Excellence can assist you.



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